H.I.H. Princess Thi-Nga




Her Imperial Highness
Princess Thi-Nga of Vietnam

Kitty Higginbotham & Miami Beach
Mayor David Dermer

Guests enjoyed Kir Imperial -- champagne with lichee

Nora Bulnes and H.I.H. Princess Thi-Nga

Dr. Pedro & Gloria Portal

Diane Camber, Executive Director
of Bass Museum, with
H.I.H. Princess Thi-Nga

Amparo Angel & Brigitte Nachtigall

Gonzalo Acevedo & Carolyn Gardener

Mayor David Dermer &
H.I.H. Princess Thi-Nga

Thai Dance of Blessing

The Dining Table

Jade sculptures
"Quan Yen" jade sculpture, symbolizing kindness and wisdom

Mrs. Olga Connor & Dr. Gil Fernan

Gladys Rodriguez-Dod & Nora Bulnes
Lion Dancers

Sonja Gibson & Deborah Slack

Michael & Gil Pelissier of Moet

Monarch Butterfly

Table setting

New World Symphony performers

Marshall & Carole Langer

Melanie & Bill Cohen