H.I.H. Princess Thi-Nga




The core mission of the Princess Thi-Nga Foundation, a charitable and non-profit organization, is to participate and assist various agencies and organizations in the preservation of cultural heritages and the restoration of world monuments and historical sites, such as Hue, the Imperial City of Vietnam, with its monuments, palaces and imperial mausoleums, and which was designated a “World Heritage Monument” by UNESCO. The Imperial City was established the Princess’ great-great-great grandfather, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Gia Long, the founder of the nation which he named Vietnam in 1802.

The Princess Thi-Nga Foundation is in the process of selecting a second site in Europe, as its endeavor is to preserve cultural and historic heritages of ancient civilizations. The country of Greece is on the foreground as it symbolizes the cradle of Western Civilization

With the guidance of the Foundation’s illustrious members of the Advisory Board, the Princess Thi-Nga Foundation will contribute in restoring World Heritage Monuments, enhancing the global cultural landscape, establishing a cultural bridge between the East and West and preserving the heritage of ancient civilizations.

The Princess Thi-Nga Foundation manages the global exhibition of “The Jade Collection of H.I.H. Princess Thi-Nga of Vietnam”.