H.I.H. Princess Thi-Nga

Princess Thi-Nga Foundation

 Private Viewing of the Jade Collection


Her Imperial Highness Princess Thi-Nga of Vietnam

 Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The Setai South Beach, Miami

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Press Release

 MIAMI BEACH, FL – (October 20, 2009) – On the evening of Tuesday, October 20, 2009, the Princess Thi-Nga Foundation and The Setai South Beach, Miami presented a private viewing of The Jade Collection of H.I.H. Princess Thi-Nga of Vietnam, a portion of the collection which was featured at the Bass Museum of Art, in Miami Beach in 2007 and is now slated to travel internationally.

Upon arrival at The Setai, South Beach, guests were introduced to Princess Thi-Nga and the Princess Thi-Nga Foundation's Board members Mr. Vincent DeSimone and Mr. Walid Sfeir; and then, enjoyed a private cocktail reception in the lavish setting of The Setai's Grill Restaurant, enhanced by spectacular exotic floral arrangements by Petal Production with orchids especially flown in from Asia, while sampling the delightful Hors d’Oeuvres, a fusion of “East meets West” creations by Executive Chef Jonathan Wright of The Setai. Kir Imperial, the traditional cocktail served at Princess Thi-Nga’s residence, blending Taittinger Champagne and Lytchee liquor, was served to the guests while they were led to The Setai Library for a private viewing of the exhibition with H.I.H. Princess Thi-Nga of Vietnam, under heavy security provided by Alan Solis.

 While Princess Thi-Nga’s Jade Collection numbers more than five hundreds rare sculptures, the objects featured are from the Chinese Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the Golden Age of Jade carving. The Jade sculptures on display also reflected the “Golden Era” of Princess Thi-Nga’s family, the Vietnamese Nguyen Dynasty, from 1802 to 1945.

 “Collecting – not only Jade – has been my ancestors’ passion; it is a privilege to share our cultural heritage and legacy with this community. To Asians Jade was the most precious of all gemstones, far more precious than diamond or Gold, Jade also symbolizes the qualities that Man aspires to achieve: Nobility, Purity, Integrity, Constancy and Immortality. Furthermore, it might require a lifetime of remarkable dedication of over twenty five years to produce each object” says H.I.H. Princess Thi-Nga; members of the Imperial Family of Vietnam have always been great patrons of the arts.

Subsequent to the private viewing, guests were greeted with the stunning “Dance of the Blessing” from the Royal Court of Thailand. while enjoying the glorious Authentic Asian Cuisine courses graciously sponsored by The Setai, created by Executive Chef Jonathan Wright and his team in the Grill. They were then invited to join Princess Thi-Nga to release live Monarch Butterflies, individually enclosed in uniquely crafted boxes while watching the Thai Dancers perform the “Dance of the Butterflies”. According to Imperial tradition, one whispers a wish to the Monarch Butterfly prior to releasing it, in gratitude for the kind gesture; the lovely creature will take it to the Heavens where one's wish would be granted.

 The core mission of the Princess Thi-Nga Foundation, a charitable and non-profit organization, is to participate and assist various agencies and organizations in the preservation of cultural heritages and the restoration of UNESCO World Heritage Monuments and historical sites, such as Hue, the Imperial City of Vietnam, with its monuments, palaces and imperial mausoleums, and which was designated a “World Heritage Monument” by UNESCO.

The Imperial City was established by the Princess’ great-great-great grandfather, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Gia Long, the founder of the nation which he named Vietnam in 1802.

The Princess Thi-Nga Foundation is in the process of selecting a second site in Europe, as its endeavor is to contribute in restoring World Heritage Monuments, enhancing the global cultural landscape, establishing a cultural bridge between the East and West and preserving the heritage of ancient civilizations.


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